Cool White Smile

Brighten Your Smile With the Cool White Smile Process

The Cool White Smile process is a teeth whitening system that whitens stained teeth. In as little as a 20-30 minute treatment, the Cool White Smile process breaks down years of stubborn staining from coffee, tea, red wine, soda and tobacco products.

Cool White Smile Process

First, your teeth are matched to our shade scale to determine your current color shade and degree of staining. Next, a protective solution is applied to your lips and gums and a flexible tray filled with a carbamide peroxide based gel is inserted y into your mouth. The technician will then position a fiber-optic light closely to your mouth as you lay back, relax and listen to music during the first session. This process is repeated to equal a 20-30 minute treatment. Results can be seen immediately.


Results can vary from person to person, but most clients will see a noticeable whitening effect of at least 2 shades or more during their initial 30-minute treatment. Some clients with darker or more resistant staining may require an additional “touch- up” treatment in two to four weeks after the initial treatment to achieve further whitening results. This is provided at a reduced cost. Additionally, those who engage in teeth whitening agents and strips will sometimes see less of a result as their teeth are significantly whiter than smokers or coffee drinkers.

Whitening results typically last 6 months to a year depending on your lifestyle. Teeth whitening does not prevent your teeth from being re- stained. We recommend scheduling a Cool White Smile treatment once a year, to maintain your whitening results.


The procedure has been proven to be a safe and effective teeth-whitening process on healthy teeth and gums and does not change tooth structure or the tooth enamel. Our fiber optic light is specifically calibrated to work with our whitening gel to get you the best possible results with little to no sensitivity or side effects. Being candid in your answers on the patient questionnaire will help to get you the best possible results.

Is the procedure comfortable?

Our clients are pleasantly surprised to discover the Cool White Smile process is a quick and comfortable. Additionally, we have found that the Cool White Smile procedure is gentle enough for persons with even the most sensitive teeth and gums. Although rare, side effects can include a minor tooth or gum sensitivity, whitening of the gums, lips or highlighted areas on the teeth. These side effects are minor and only temporary.

Procedure Time

In only 30 minutes, years of staining and discoloration disappear, leaving you with whiter, brighter, younger looking teeth. If needed, a “touch-up” treatment can be scheduled 2 to 4 weeks after the initial treatment, to help break down any remaining stubborn areas of staining. There is a small additional fee for the touch-up procedure.

Whitening Crowns, Caps, Veneers & Stains from Antibiotics or Flouride

The Cool White Smile process will not whiten crowns, caps, bonding, fillings, false teeth or veneers nor or staining due to antibiotics, fluoride or hereditary discoloration.If this is a concern to you then we recommend scheduling an appointment to meet with your dentist to discuss possible options. If you are considering replacing a darker or discolored cap, crown, veneer or filling, we recommend scheduling your Cool White Smile procedure beforehand, so that your dentist can match your replacement to your new brighter, whiter teeth.

Preparing for Your Appointment

We recommend brushing and flossing before your procedure. If you already have an upcoming dental cleaning with your dentist, we recommend scheduling your Cool White Smile procedure a few days after your cleaning to get the best possible whitening results. It is important to remember that the Cool White Smile process is a teeth whitening procedure and not a dental examination or cleaning, and does not replace regular checkups or cleanings by your dentist.

Risks and Side Effects

Women that are pregnant or lactating should wait to have this procedure until they are no longer pregnant or lactating. The procedure is not recommended for persons under the age of 16 as their teeth are still changing and maturing and persons with periodontal disease should not have this procedure. If you have any questions or concerns about how teeth whitening might affect you, please contact our office or your regular dentist.

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