Sun Damaged Skin, Age Spots & Pigmentation

Treatments for sun damage, age spots, melasma, chloasma, pregnancy mask, hyperpigmentation, and freckles.

Reveal Healthy, Younger Skin

After years of unprotected sun exposure, or, from deficient or excessive hormonal imbalance hormonal changes such as pregnancy or birth control pills, dark spots appear on thinning skin. Overall, your appearance begins to look dull, and shallow. Age spots are usually most prevalent on the face, arms, back of the hands, neck and exposed neck and chest.

Exceptional Treatments, Amazing Results

We offer a complete line of medical grade products and treatments that when combined together can remove even the most stubborn pigmentation.

Some of the treatments we offer include:

  • Physician Strength Chemical Peels and Medical Microdermabrasion or ‘Micropeels’: Our medical grade microdermabrasion treatments and physician strength chemical peels or ‘micropeels’, are combined together to gently turnover pigmented skin cells and promote new, undamaged skin cells to come to the surface. Micropeels work to improve the all-over health of the skin and can be done in-between other medical treatments. There is no downtime when receiving a micropeel, and many of our clients receive these treatments before and after work, as well as during their lunch hour. A minimum of 6 treatments is recommended to start with, as well as monthly to six-week maintenance treatments to continue and maintain results.
  • Specialty Peels: We have highly effective specialty medical peels, (add comma) safe for all skin types, superficial to medium depth. These in-office treatments are applied to areas of concern including acne scars and general skin discoloration and left on for an amount of time determined by one of our licensed medical professionals. These superior treatments work by exfoliating, as well as simultaneously blocking the enzyme in the body that produces melanin which results in smooth, glowing, even looking skin. One to two applications is recommended along with the use of home care regimen. Our peels are safe and effective to be used on the face as well as other areas of the body, including the neck, back, legs, arms, and chest.
  • IPL or Intense Pulsed Light: IPL is a non-ablative therapy that works by sending a powerful beam of light into the skin to selectively target and break up unwanted pigment. This comfortable procedure is done in-office, requires no downtime and has minimal side effects. For best results, four treatments spaced one month apart are usually recommended but specific treatment is only determined after a consultation.
  • Erbium: With the Erbium, this is a laser that provides skin rejuvenation. This device uses a less aggressive system which has excellent results with minimum downtime compared to a CO2. The depth of the treatment is determined between you and Dr. Salzman. This can be a light treatment for age spots or an in-depth treatment.  The Erbium at Advanced Laser Medspa can perform: micropeel or a deeper ablative procedure, thereby providing a full range of services.

What areas can be treated?

Areas that can be safely treated to remove pigmentation include Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, Back, Arms, Legs, and Scalp.

Which treatment is right for me?

We recommend setting up a complimentary consultation at our office to meet with one of our licensed medical professionals. Then outline a personalized treatment plan to get you the best possible results. Our skilled staff will explain how each treatment works, to get you on your way to healthy skin!

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Do You Have Questions About a Treatment?

We offer complimentary consultations with Dr. Salzman and his knowledgeable staff to discuss treatments as well as follow-up visits to discuss your results.

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