Body Shaping & Contouring

Remove Inches from Your Body with Future PRO Fit System

The first body shaping & contouring system in the Capital Region — Remove inches from your body

Enjoy the results of the revolutionary FUTURA FIT™ using powerful ultrasound energy and Transtim stimulation. This non-invasive treatment is comfortable and pain-free. Our program includes your scientific diet assessment and activity program and an FDA approved metabolic testing assessment.

Experience treatments:

  • Comfortable and Pain-Free
  • Non-Invasive
  • Medication Free
  • Leave No Bruising
  • Resulting in inch loss

You can experience loss of inches in your visits. The length of your treatments can vary (approximately 2 hours) and the duration 6, 8 or even 10 treatments based on your goals.

6 Week Mark Results from our Body Shaping System

  • Muscles Tighten
  • Metabolism Increases
  • Fat is Flushed Away
  • Tightened Skin and Reshaped Area

While you can slim, tone and shed with this system, and lose inches on your treatments, we recommend that you follow a moderate eating plan* to enhance your body shaping & contouring results as well as moderate exercise. There are many plans* to follow.  If you are intending to maintain an eating style that includes high carbs, sugar, sweets and alcohol, we do not recommend this body shaping program for you.

If you choose to enhance your results we at Advanced Laser Medspa can help. If you register for this enhancement you will receive:

  • Free body analysis with a physician grade composition analyzer. This professional equipment will provide you with a printout of your results – a $75.00 value. This print-out includes body composition, water weight, fat mass, and a target body fat percentage and weight. DO NOT EXPECT treatment benefits if you are gaining weight between treatments. IF WE FIND THAT YOU ARE GAINING WEIGHT DURING OUR EXTENSIVE BODY COMPOSITION MEASUREMENT we may recommend that you not continue treatments.
  • A moderate alternate day eating plan*, that patients report is easy to follow. This plan is used to release your weight slowly, is backed by clinical studies. It’s often referred to as “Dieting in only half the time.”
  • Other options to enhance your inches off for even more visible benefits can be discussed at your consultation.

You can get body shaping & contouring results with or without the eating plan, however, your results will be even more dramatic with the plan. If you choose to enter this part of the Slim, Tone and Shed program, Advanced Laser Medspa will provide you with 1,2 and 3 above free of charge. Each time you come in for a treatment, we will do a body analysis. You are also welcomed to come in once a week for a free body analysis…by appointment.

*REMEMBER: Before beginning this or any diet plan or exercise program (including those recommended on this site) we recommend you always check with your family or primary care physician. It is your responsibility to seek the advice of your physician before starting. Recommendations may include a physical, including blood work, EKG, and other health-related exams that will help determine whether you are physically fit enough to begin such an exercise plan and diet.

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