Dermal Fillers: RADIESSE®, JUVEDERM® & RESTYLANE® (Classic, Lyft, Defyne and Silk) and VERSA®

What are Dermal Fillers?

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Over time, through natural aging and expression, lines and creases form on our skin age our appearance. Dermal fillers can correct those lines instantly, by gently filling them from within, creating smoother, more youthful looking skin. Before recommending which product will be right for you, Dr. Salzman meets with you to review your medical history, medications, your skin and your goals. Dr. Salzman uses FDA approved dermal fillers, RADIESSE®, JUVEDERM® & VERSA®, SILK® and RESTYLANE® Lyft, Defyne or Refine—all are made of natural gels and no allergy testing is required. Our clients continue to come back to Dr. Salzman because of his demeanor, outstanding treatment results and comfortable injecting technique that he has perfected over many years of treatments.

Revanesse Versa dermal filler vs. Juvéderm

Many of our patients are excited to learn about a new option available to them called Revanesse Versa. Revanesse Versa, utilizies small quality assured batches, produces a smooth filler with less potential for swelling and trauma at the time of treatment

What is Revanesse Versa dermal filler?

Revanesse Versa is a popular dermal filler developed in Canada the  Prollenium company. This hyaluronic acid filler is similar in formula to Juvéderm and other HA fillers,, however, it uses Thixofix cross-linking technology that ensures the filler can be injected easier, making it simpler to shape and giving it a more natural feel and appearance when compared to thicker gel fillers. This filler provides long-lasting results ensuring patients enjoy their new, appearance longer.

The Benefits of Revanesse Versa vs. Juvéderm?

The primary benefit of Revanesse Versa vs. Juvéderm is that Revanesse Versa lasts longer and does not break down as quickly as other common fillers. Otherwise, the two brands are similar and can be used on patients based on their specific needs and goals.

What areas can be treated?

Areas that can be treated include after selecting the appropriate filler:What are Dermal fillers?

  • the vertical lines around the mouth (nasal-labial folds)
  • the vertical lines from the corner of the mouth to the chin (marionette lines)
  • the horizontal lines above and below the lips
  • the horizontal lines underneath the lower lip and above the chin
  • the hollows underneath the eyes and above the cheekbone.
  • the vertical lines above and below the lip (peri-oral or smokers lines

Besides using dermal fillers on facials lines, Dr. Salzman also uses the following fillers:

  • For lips, he uses JUVEDERM® Ultra Plus or RESTYLANE® Defyne or Refine and he adds  numbing for your comfort
  • For aging hands, he uses RADIESSE®, FDA approved to reduce signs of aging and fill wrinkles
  • For loss of volume in the face, he uses RADIESSE®, RESTYLANE® Lyft or JUVEDERM® VOLUMA

Youthful hands with RADIESSE hand lift

The FDA has approved for RADIESSE for hand rejuvenation. Dr. Salzman was the first physician in the Capital Region to be certified by MERZ, the makers of Radiesse, to do this technique. He is one of only 3 physicians certified to do this technique in the area. Sometimes our hands show wear and aging more significantly than out faces. You can often tell a person is aging by looking at their hands, even though their faces look youthful.

RADIESSE in your hands, according to the company, is expected to last 1 or more years. Depending on your consultation with the doctor you may only need one to two syringes. Call us for your free consultation and see if RADIESSE is suitable for you.

Before and after photo using Juvéderm® Ultra Plus with Lidocaine.

Dermal fillers generally last six months to a year or more depending on the type of filler used and the area injected; Voluma lasts for up to two years.Here at Advanced Laser Medspa, we take before and after photos, at the time of your treatment and when you come in for your follow-up visit.

Your follow-up visits with Dr. Salzman are complimentary, and he recommends you come back for a 30-day follow-up visit to review and discuss your treatment results.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Side effects may include some bruising, bleeding at the injection site, tenderness, and swelling. Following proper pre and post care instructions and any verbal instructions from Dr. Salzman help ensure you get the best possible results from your treatment with minimal discomfort or side effects.

What types of Dermal Fillers does Dr. Salzman M.D. recommend?

Dr. Salzman prefers to use Juvéderm®, Radiesse®, VERSA®, Resylane® and SILK®, all FDA approved injectable fillers. All injectable fillers look and feel natural in the skin and can last 6 months to a year or even longer. The length of time depends on the filler used, the individual and other factors which the Doctor will discuss with you.

  • Juvéderm®, VERSA® and Restylane® products are made of hyaluronic acid, a chemical naturally found in almost every cell of our body and works by binding to water and expanding in the skin. Juvéderm®, VERSA® and Restylane® Defyne and Refyne creates a soft and natural plumping effect when treating the lips as well as the vertical striations or “smokers’ lines” above and below the lips, and along the corners of the mouth and the “smile lines.”  Versa, the latest FDA approved hyaluronic product promises to reduce swelling, better than the other dermal fillers and the company improved the product to give better outcomes than its competitors.
  • Radiesse® is made up of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water- based gel. Radiesse® works wonders on the deep lines around the mouth, above the chin line, along the jowls, and near the cheekbones. Radiesse® also helps to stimulate your body to produce new collagen in the treated areas and creates an instant plumping and smoothing result in the skin.
  • Silk® is also made of hyaluronic acid, a chemical that is naturally found in almost every cell of our body and works by binding to water and expanding in the skin. Silk® is great for the fine lines on the face, around the lips.
  • VERSA® and Restylane® Lyft are both made of hyaluronic acid,  naturally found in almost every cell of our body and work by binding to water and expanding in the skin. Both are designed to fill in cheeks and replace lost cheek volume.
  • The Doctor is the best person to help you determine the best product for you and this will be determined during the consultation.

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