Gentle and Effective Treatments for Rosacea

Rosacea is a condition which causes facial flushing, acne-like bumps, broken blood vessels, and generalized skin redness. When left untreated symptoms can worsen over time, making it difficult to cover with makeup and causing unwanted attention and embarrassment. Symptoms may vary with each individual and can include:

  • Generalized redness of the face
  • Dilated or broken blood vessels, particularly the cheeks and nose
  • Acne-like facial bumps
  • All-over facial redness
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, the sun, spicy foods and facial products.

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Rosacea Treatments

Advanced Laser Medspa uses a combination of medical treatments and cosmeceutical grade products to effectively treat rosacea. Traditionally, rosacea has been treated with topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, and prescription creams. These outdated products usually fail to provide sufficient results, if at all, and can sometimes cause rosacea symptoms to worsen.

Here at Advanced Laser Medspa, we offer a complimentary consultation to review your medical history and thoroughly analyze your skin with our advanced, state-of-the-art photography software. This photography software gives us detailed information about your skin, which allows us to better determine the treatment for the rosacea, as well as accurately view the current condition of your skin. We then develop a customized treatment package to get to the root of the rosacea and effectively diminish redness, broken or dilated blood vessels and facial bumps.

Omnilux™ Light Therapy

Omnilux™ is an advanced twenty minute light therapy treatment often referred to as “red”, “blue” or “yellow” lights. These treatments are a comfortable and easy way to calm irritated and sensitive skin while simultaneously reducing facial redness and inflammation caused by rosacea. Omnilux™ also stimulates the skins’ own ability to heal and produce new collagen which can, in turn, aid in strengthening and repairing the skin. Here at Advanced Laser Medspa, we are the only providers of Omnilux™ light therapy in Saratoga County.

Physician Strength (light) Chemical Peels and Medical Microdermabrasion or ‘Micropeels’

Our medical grade microdermabrasion treatments and physician strength chemical peels, or ‘micropeels’. the peels are considered light, gentle yet effective and are combined together to gently turn over dead skin cells and promote new, undamaged skin cells to come to the surface. Micropeels work to improve the all-over health of the skin and can be used in conjunction with other medical facial treatments. There is no downtime associated with doing micropeels and many of our clients receive these treatments before and after work, as well as during their lunch hour. A minimum of 6 treatments are recommended to start with, as well as monthly maintenance treatments to further results.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light

IPL is a non-ablative therapy that works by sending a powerful beam of light into the skin to selectively target and coagulate broken and dilated blood vessels. By effectively coagulating facial blood vessels, IPL diminishes overall skin redness and reduces facial flushing. This in-office procedure requires no downtime and has minimal side effects. For best results, four treatments spaced one month apart are usually recommended.

Advanced Laser Treatments: Aerolase Yag Laser NEO

At the time of your consultation, we may decide to use a gentle Yag laser for your rosacea. We utilize the Aerolase Yag Laser.  The Yag laser homogenizes the color of the skin taking the red face discoloration away. Additionally, it heals the skin from inflammation causing a long lasting remission. Usually, there is a series of six (6) treatments which may last for up to a year. There is no cure for Rosacea, a chronic inflammatory disorder, but the condition can be significantly improved with treatments, skin products, and sun avoidance.

Advanced Skin Treatments

Our advanced skin treatments are made up of a proprietary formulation of highly concentrated active ingredients. These active ingredients improve circulation and decrease redness as well as create a vasoconstricting effect on facial blood vessels which produces an overall lightening effect on the skin. These treatments also promote oxygen flow to the skin and create a healthier skin environment. The skin is then able to heal more quickly and allows products to permeate more easily resulting in advanced skin function.

Medical Grade Products

Our medical grade products are only sold to physicians and are an important part of your rosacea treatment protocol. These products are to be used at home, in-between office treatments to further your results. Additionally, we require the use of medical grade, broad spectrum sunblock to protect your skin from damaging UV rays and to prevent radiation from interfering with any of your medical procedures. Our medical grade products contain concentrated active ingredients and yet are still gentle and effective enough to be used on sensitive, rosacea skin types.


Our treatments are fast and comfortable and require no downtime. We take extra care to make sure that your time spent at the Medspa is relaxing and inviting, and we’ve even relocated to a beautiful and spacious new facility to better meet your needs.


We know that your time is valuable, which is why we offer early morning, as well late afternoon and evening appointments. Many of our clients also find that coming in during the day or on their lunch hour is the most convenient time for their treatments. Either way, we go above and beyond to meet your scheduling requests.

Safe and Effective

All of our lasers and machines are FDA approved and only operated by licensed and certified technicians with years of medical experience. Each treatment is customized to suit your skins’ specific needs and is adjusted each time that you come in to maximize your results. We pay close attention to your progress by keeping detailed notes, as well as advanced photographic documentation so that we can mark your progress each step of the way.

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