clearCONCEPT™ Acne Treatments


A Combined Solution for Acne and Cystic Acne

Your first visit begins with a medical history, and a frank discussion to review your concerns and review tried that likely hasn’t worked. A licensed medical professional will make an examination of your key skin areas of concern and take photos as a baseline. We then develop your new personalized acne treatment plan. Our treatments and skin care products were created by a past President of the American Academy of Dermatologists. We suggest regular in-office treatments and modified home care to maintain healthy skin.

Superior Medical Grade Products

Our exclusive, medical-grade products are an important part of your acne treatment program. This combination of in-office therapies and hypoallergenic skin products deliver results for all skin types and severities. We carefully select products for you and take the time to inform you of the process and how to care for your skin. Our products are:

Acne Treatments Available

  • Deep pore cleansing by medical grade microdermabrasion and clearCONCEPT™process
  • Medical Grade  Chemical Peels (Micropeels)-(superficial to medium depth)
  • Laser and or  Radio-Wave focal energy may be included in the plan to deeply reach skin specific spots or extensive inflamed areas.
    • Our Aerolase Laser has been featured on THE DOCTORS and can treat all skin types. Often as little as 2 or 3 treatments may be needed to significantly improve acne.
    • Our Radio Frequency treatment is exceptional in removal acne scarring. 
  • Advanced Intense Blue and Red spectral light therapy by Omnilux™
  • Ablative and non-ablative aesthetic lasers: YAG and Erbium for selective case management
  • Comedone and blackhead extractions

Our complete clearCONCEPT™ acne treatment is safe for all skin colors and skin types and:

  • reduces acne and acne scarring
  • significantly destroys acne causing bacteria
  • reduces inflammation and redness
  • decreases oil production
  • clears clogged pores
  • returns skin to a healthier state

Our complete clearCONCEPT™ was the first created in upstate New York and we are the only center in the Capital Region. When you are in our acne program we offer:

  • A  skin assessment that utilizes digital photography and UV imaging which displays skin irregularities up to 5 layers deep.
  • A personalized plan of medical grade treatments and products customized for you and your skin type.
  • Medical treatments and products safe for acne breakouts on the neck, back or chest and to treat acne wherever it might occur.

Our advanced skin treatments help to destroy bacteria causing acne, decrease facial redness and improve skin texture resulting in noticeably smoother, healthier skin downtime.

Advanced Acne Treatments

Medical microdermabrasion device and physician strength chemical peels are most effective under the direction of Dr. Salzman. Micropeels’ gently and completely remove dead cells that trap bacteria, empty blocked pores and prevent new breakouts forming. Micropeels also help to recover skin tone, texture, and clarity.

Omnilux™LED Red and Blue light therapy

Omnilux™ is an advanced spectral light therapy for red, inflammation that kills bacteria residing in pores and glands, often referred to as “red” or “blue” lights. These treatments are comfortable and easy. Omnilux™ also stimulates new collagen and helping repair past damage. Advanced Laser Medspa is the only providers of Omnilux™ light therapy in Saratoga County.

We offer several treatments to target specific skin issues. During your consultation, a member of our medical staff will advise what would be the most suitable for your skin tone and type

  • Radio Wave, Yag or Erbium Laser Treatments: We have a variety of medical devices to treat active acne, including cystic acne without ablating the skin. These work by shrinking the oil-producing sebaceous glands, which results in the reduction of bacteria, less oil production, and fewer acne breakouts. These devices also promote collagen production which improves elasticity, texture and skin tone and can reduce the appearance of acne scars. Generally, a minimum of four to six treatments spaced two weeks apart is recommended. The type and number of treatments are determined at your consultation.
  • IPL or Intense Pulsed Light: IPL therapy treats a variety of skin issues including discoloration and pigmented marks left by acne infection and inflammation. IPL sends a powerful beam of light into the skin to selectively target and break up unwanted pigment. Usually, a minimum of four to six treatments is recommended for best results.
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We offer complimentary consultations with Dr. Salzman and his knowledgeable staff to discuss treatments as well as follow-up visits to discuss your results.

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