March 13, 2016
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October 8, 2016

Do you have yellow, cracked, thickened or brittle toenails? If so, you may be one of the many individuals that suffers from nail fungus. The good news is that nail fungus is extremely common and medical advancements have made a cure possible. Treating nail fungus can be done most effectively through a new treatment that is designed to yield results. Nail fungus laser treatment can be performed by your doctor and help to get rid of nail fungus completely.


The medical term for this condition is known as onycholysis and it is described as an infection in which the nail separates from the nail bed. This condition not only looks unsightly, but it can also emit a very foul odor. Nail fungus can often be painful if the infection worsens. However, you no longer have to suffer with this condition or treat it using ineffective home care products alone. Now you have the ability to obtain nail fungus laser treatments from your physician.

Combination Works Best To Fight Against Nail Fungus

In the past, home care and OTC treatments were the only way to treat or deal with nail fungus, but now the combination of laser treatment and home care offers the most effective results. A powerful laser is used in combination with topical treatments to get rid of nail fungus completely. Some nail fungal medication can have harmful side effects to your liver, but laser treatments allow you to avoid this health risk.

Safety and Comfort

Laser treatments to fight against nail fungus are designed to be safe and painless. The laser is applied directly to the nail plate and the surrounding tissue that has been affected. The laser works to heat the fungus and promote healing that results in the growth of a healthier and more natural looking nail. You will be able to notice a significant difference after just one treatment. It should also be noted that a cooling device used on your treated nails will allow for longer lasting results. The most effective results can come from laser treatments combined with home care compliance.

Don’t Live With Shame

Nail fungus is not completely a cosmetic issue, because it is an infection that can be painful for some sufferers. If you are tired of being ashamed of your toes, you should find out why nail fungus laser treatments are gaining traction quickly.