Beat Summer Heat – Skin Saving Tips
July 23, 2012

Dermaplaning with Cryogenic Therapy

Do you have an event or a date that you want to get your skin in tip top shape for and no time to do it in?  Try our newest Medspa procedure: Dermaplaning with Cryogenic Therapy. In just under 45 minutes your skin will instantly appear smoother, more radiant and absolutely glowing!

What is Dermaplaning with Cryogenic Therapy?

Dermaplaning is a safe, physical exfoliation procedure that clears away unwanted damaged skin cells on the face. During the first part of the treatment a licensed technician uses a small tool to manually remove these dry, dead skin cells; next a chemical peel can be performed to improve tone, texture and clarity.

The final step is the cryogenic therapy, which is a clinical freezing procedure that feels cool and refreshing on the skin. When done in combination with dermaplaning, cryogenic therapy increases the rate of cellular turnover. This causes sun damaged cells to be shed, facial color to become more even, pores to appear smaller and create a vasoconstriction and anti-inflammatory response in the skin. Also due to its extremely low temperature, cryogenic therapy has an anti-bacterial effect on the skin which calms inflamed, irritated skin and helps to remove blackheads and sebum.

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