Red Light Collagen Therapy with Omnilux™

omnilux revive

Omnilux™ Revive™

 Omnilux™ Revive™ , is considered the “gold standard” in the beauty industry and

was the originator of the LED light treatments!


Omnilux™ Revive™ uses a combination of pure-visible-red and infrared light to stimulate blood

flow deep into skin tissue. This also improves the efficacy of skincare

products applied topically to the skin.

For clients with acne or rosacea; a combination of Omnilux™ Revive (red) and Omnilux™ Blue™,

can help to completely clear blemishes and calm inflamed skin!


“Red Light” treatments are ideal for those looking to restore hydration to the skin or reduce

inflammation . . . pretty much everyone!


Schedule a complimentary “Consult – Skin” or our “Red Light Special” ($140) to try it out.