Red Light Collagen Therapy with Omnilux™

omnilux revive

Omnilux™ Revive™

Advanced Laser Medspa is proud to offer some of the beauty industry’s best treatment options including the state-of-the-art Omnilux™ light therapy treatment system. Omnilux™ Revive™ offers light-only skin rejuvenation. Omnilux™ Revive™ uses a combination of pure, visible red and infrared light that works to stimulate your deeper skin tissue to give the look of healthy and rejuvenated skin. Omnilux™ Revive™ , is considered the “gold standard” in the industry and was the originator of the LED light treatments. Theses treatments are ideal for those looking to restore hydration and plumpness to the skin and allows for more efficient synthesis of collagen.

Specifically used for red light collagen therapy, Omnilux™ Revive™ emits a therapeutic red light that helps to reduce skin redness, stimulates collagen production and decreases inflammation in the skin. For clients with acne or rosacea, a combination of Omnilux™ Revive (red) and Omnilux™ Blue™, as well as other medical procedures and cosmeceutical products can help to clear acne blemishes and calm red, inflamed skin. Omnilux™ Revive™ can be used to help combat acne, aging, dry/mature skin, pigmentation, and can even help reduce oily skin. Omnilux™ Revive™ can be combined with other skin treatments such as peels, to help stimulate your skin on a deeper level to help ensure long-lasting results. Call Advanced Laser Medspa to get started with your free consultation today!