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September 20, 2012
Laser Lipo Before After – Chin Neck
January 16, 2013

Lipotherme™ – laser lipo Testimonial

This testimonial comes to us from one of our Lipotherme™ laser lipo clients who was ecstatic with the results from her procedure. Lipotheme™ is a laser assisted liposuction procedure performed by Dr. Michael Salzman that liquefy’s hard to lose fat in areas like the stomach, arms, chin and back. It also helps to tighten loose skin. The photos below are her before and after results six months after the Lipotherme™ laser lipo procedure.

“I just wanted to write to you to let you know how wonderful my experience at Advanced Laser Medspa has been. Everyone has been so informative and caring it has made me feel like a family member instead of just a client.

I first learned about the Medspa when I received a mailing. It was advertising the Lipotherme procedure to get rid of hard to lose body fat. The before pictures looked very similar to my own body. I have never considered myself to be vain when it comes to looks, but after the birth of my daughter, I was unable to lose the “belly bulge” and as the years went by, it got harder and harder to fight. No matter how careful my diet was or how often or strenuous I exercised, I could not lose the weight and worse yet, kept putting more on as the years passed. So I figured, why not check this out. It was a free consultation and it was time do something for myself. If I didn’t like what I saw or heard I could walk away.

The minute I walked in the door Lindsay greeted me in a way which was so friendly and natural it was as if we knew each other. Any inhibitions I had in the car about ‘being vain’ or thoughts like “I’m not 19 anymore, I should just accept it,” were immediately put at ease.

I then met with Registered Nurse Charlene whom was equally as friendly and easy to talk to. During the consultation, she explained the details regarding the procedure. From pre-operative paperwork, to the Lipotherme procedure itself, to details on recovery.  Charlene told me what to expect and how long it would take. She then took my height and weight, checked my skins elasticity, and let me know what the Lipotherme procedure would do for me. The best part I thought was when Charlene explained to me that once the fat is out, it’s out. Those cells are gone. She answered all my questions with the care and compassion of a trusted friend. At no time did I feel like I asked a dumb question, or that I was being excessively vain about my appearance. I then asked Charlene about the bottom line. What was the cost and recovery time? I am a working mom so spare time and money are not in my portfolio. She understood my concern and explained how many people were back to work within a few days of the procedure and the different stages I would be going through as my body healed. Charlene then did the calculations on cost and let me know payment options so I can find a plan best suited to my needs. Charlene took the extra time to do this even though I had not yet said yes yet to the procedure. This type of concern and care you do not usually see in businesses’ anymore and is what helped me in making my decision to choose Advanced Laser Medspa and their Lipotherme procedure to meet my needs.

On my next appointment I met with Lindsay and we completed the paper work for the procedure and I locked in my date. She then took my before pictures and fitted me for my post procedure garment. Though I was not happy with how my body looked, Lindsay made me feel at ease. I did not realize how often I was sucking my gut in until I “let it go” for the pictures. All I can say is YUCK. Lindsay recognized my feelings at this moment and once again, made me feel at ease and not embarrassed about my body. Her concern and care re-enforced my feelings that Advanced Laser Medspa was the right place for me and I was in good hands.

After my meeting with Lindsay, I was introduced to Dr. Salzman. Again, I was overcome by the ease of conversation. My concerns were his concerns. He made me feel like I was his only patient and took the time to go over the procedure in detail again and answer any questions I may have had. Dr. Salzman made me realize my feelings about my body are normal and I am not the only one whom has battled with their belly. He reminded me I can call at any time if I have further questions or concerns.

The day of my procedure I was greeted by Diane whom would be my nurse. She felt like an old friend and any last minute butterflies disappeared. She then gave me medication to make me relaxed for the procedure. It would not fully sedate me but make me comfortable while the Lipotherme was taking place. Everything was going along so smoothly the next thing I knew Diane was bringing me to Dr. Salzman to review the areas we were going to work on. He took my final weight then used a marking pen to mark the areas where the Lipotherme would occur. It was around this time the medication was beginning to take effect so I was guided to the procedure room by Diane and Dr. Salzman. They got me on the table and made sure I was warm and comfortable. I had brought my I-Pod to have something to listen to and before I knew it my procedure was underway. I remember talking to Dr. Salzman and Diane at times during the procedure and listening to the tunes I has selected on my playlist. At no time was I uncomfortable or concerned on how things were proceeding. Before I knew it, Dr. Salzman said the procedure was complete and Diane was aiding me in getting off the table and into my garment. She went over the post procedure instructions again and brought me to my friend who would be driving me home. Dr. Salzman gave me his emergency contact numbers if I had any issues or questions before my follow up appointment.

For the rest of the day I pretty much slept. The next morning, Dr. Salzman called me to see how I was feeling and if I had any questions. I told him besides my stomach feeling sore like I had a heavy duty workout, I felt fine. Getting up and down was a little slower than usual but I expected that. We then reviewed the steps for changing the bandages and he reminded me sometimes people leak from the entry incisions. This was a good reminder for me because I did leak when I changed my bandages for the first time.

Though I had taken the week after my procedure off of work to heal, I feel I could have returned within a couple of days. My abdominal muscles were still a little tender after day three, but I was back in my normal routine otherwise. I have had multiple follow-ups to monitor my post procedure progress. At each one, Lindsay re-took my weight, measurements and new photos to monitor my progress. It was exciting to see my belly melt away with each visit. All those never ending battles with my abdomen were finally over. I began to regain my self-esteem and walk with a little more confidence. One of the most exciting parts for me was when I noticed my pants were now too big. All along this road, Advanced Laser Medspa and its wonderful and caring staff has been there cheering me on. I am so happy I decided to make that initial appointment and would not think twice about recommending their services to anyone else.”


Thank you Advanced Laser Medspa,




East Berne, NY